Unable to login to Auth0 Admin Dashboard

Hey I am unable to login to Auth0 Admin Dashboard. I have lost recovery code. SMS is not being received although phone seem to be correct. And finger/face recognition not working maybe because of change of my machine.

Need help ASAP.


If you are unable to login to the Auth0 Admin Dashboard and are facing issues with the recovery code, SMS verification, and biometric authentication, here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem then Check Phone Number, Check SMS Delivery Delay, Contact Auth0 Support, Use Alternative Login Methods, Clear Browser Cache and Cookies, Use a Different Machine or Browser. And also visit: myfedloan

Hey there!

I can help you with that! Send me a private message here in the forum with the following details and we’ll go from there!

  • your tenant name
  • your email address

I have sent you private message. Please respond.

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