Unable to login on Chrome Extension

Hi All,

I am trying to enable auth authentication in my app which is I am developing for chrome extension using flutter. I am facing issue in configuring callback urls.

I tried a lot but couldn’t make it working.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Sachet

Hey there!

Can you follow this path. Go to your Dashboard/Applications/YourApp/Settings and scroll down to Allowed Callback URLs and check if you provided the callback url you want to redirect user to? Thank you!

Hi Konrad,

Thanks for the quick response. Actually I am clueless about those values. What should be passed to make it work.


The url where you want to redirect the user after authentication.

Maybe our Flutter article will help:

Yes,I have used that article to build for android but the same plugin is not working for chrome-extension. I am not sure what value should I set to make it work on chrome extension in development environment.

It won’t be working for web as this article is intended for mobile only. We’ll have a section for web in the sometimes in the future as far as I know