Setting up callback url when using Auth0 with a Windows desktop application built using Flutter

Hi All,
I’m building a desktop application using Flutter, but as I understand it the Auth0 Flutter sdk doesn’t natively support Windows applications. I’m trying a work around using the API and have succeeded in getting to the log in screen that I set up for this application in the dashboard, but have run into an issue with the callback URL to return to the application. I can’t find any documentation that states what the format of these should be in this use case. I’ve tried using the format in the UWP docs but that doesn’t work. Is anyone able to offer any guidance on how we might be able to make this work?

Hi @alex.winters,

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I don’t see any guidance on this externally or internally. What have you tried? I would expect the browser to need to redirect back to the localhost:{PORT}, but could be mistaken.

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