Flutter - Login is successful, but callback is not hit

I am having an issue with my Auth0 flutter. I have followed the flutter installation guide and after calling the auth0 login with:

final Auth0 auth0 = Auth0('something.com', 'xxxxx',);
auth0.webAuthentication(scheme: "demo").login(
      scopes: {"client_credentials", "email"} ,
      audience: "something",
    ).then((value) async {
  print('got here');
}).onError((error, stackTrace) {

Neither the then function or onError function is being called and when i check monitoring logs it shows login successful. what could be the issue.

Hey there @oto-obong.eshiett welcome to the community!

Were you able to get this sorted? Have you properly defined and registered your callback as an allowed callback in your application settings in Auth0?

I’m not positive what the issue could be here, but have you had a chance to compare against the sample app at all?