Unable to create user - Failed Signup

The “Logs” section says “Failed signup” with the error description Unexpected end of input . The response from the .NET SDK is “Undefined sandbox error”. I am using the Username-Password-Authentication connection with auto-migration enabled which works great. The only rules I have adds roles to users during auto-migration and returning custom claims.

Perhaps this is also related to my other outstanding issue of “email already in use” when updating users (email is NOT in use)?

Ok. So please anyone correct me if I am wrong. But the connection I was using is for a Custom Database and has rules to get the user info my email, AFTER a user has been migrated to auth0. Obviously this won’t work as I create the user first in Auth0, then continue with the local save operation.

Solution. Add another connection to be used for NEW users. This could then have other rules, such as handling the rest of the user save via API, or direct DB access without having to handle that in the app perhaps.

I was wrong. When user logins, which I use the Username-Password-Authentication connection they get migrated. I now have two Auth0 users with the same email. Is there a way to disable the migration when users are directly registered?