"Sandbox Error: undefined" When creating user

Trying to create a user for a custom connection (has create.js script, which is taken from the example in auth0 dashboard).

I’ve tried to create the user in ‘Username-Password-Authentication’ and it worked fine using the same method. I recently updated to Node 12 runtime environment, would that have caused something to reset?

Good morning @zeddotes,

If you have a custom DB, this error could be occurring due to your Create Database Action Scripts. Could you please provide this script or try using the default one?

An additional recommendation I have is to use Real Time Logs (https://auth0.com/docs/extensions/realtime-webtask-logs) and add console.logs to your scripts to debug them.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey @karen1,

I’ve verified the custom scripts to see whether my logic was causing it. After modifying the scripts (by triggering callback as the only statement in the function body), and by removing all custom scripts altogether, the problem persisted.

In particular to the sign up process for example, I realized that my custom script is not the one throwing the error, and in fact the error is thrown after my sign up script has executed.

I also realized that the verify email is not being sent out to the newly created user (provider is SendGrid), so I’m wondering if there’s an error happening there. I have since updated my API key for SendGrid and am still facing the issue.

I feel like upgrading my runtime to Node 12 has broken the verify email process and that’s throwing the error.

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