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Custom database | "create script" isn't read


I’m trying to connect my DB with auth0 it work but the application won’t read my create user script


@Minuscience to be clear you have a custom db setup and have written a create script for that connection correct?

How are you trying to invoke this create user script? What behavior are you seeing when trying to create a user?


yes I have a custom db setup and I have written a create script for that connection.
I’ve just put some log info (by using console.log) and change the configuration setup for my own DB. However the change i make the script is not call at all (no log info just
[12:39:11.649Z] INFO wt: new webtask request 1527683951517.616120 [12:39:11.782Z] INFO wt: finished webtask request 1527683951517.616120 with HTTP 200 in 135ms
iln the log). Besides i get [WrongUsernameOrPasswordError] wrongusernameorpassword - undefined` when i try it


@Minuscience can you tell me how you are initiating this. From the error it looks like you are trying to login as that user. Can you share what you are doing to trying an call the create user script?


As you can see, I just try to create a random user


@Minuscience can you try this? Install the Real-time Webtask Logs to watch console.log output from all your scripts. Then can you you make sure you get_user script isn’t throwing the error? Whenever the create user script is called it to ensure that email/username doesn’t exist first. This script doesn’t take a password so having that error there is weird.

Also can you check in the webtask logs extension to see if you console.log information is printed there (curious more about get_user’s console.log output)?

Also, can you check to see if the supplied password meets the minimum criteria for your password policy set on the db connection? I know if that password doesn’t match the database connections password policy the script will not be executed.

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