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Gradually migrate users don't work as i expected



I’m trying to setup a custom connection to migrate my users gradually to auth0. I have added the custom connection and created scripts for both “getuser” and “login” and enabled the migration feature on the connection.

In debug & try mode everything seems to work fine and the correct users get returned and so on.

My problem begins when i try to login in my dev environment. I just get “Wrong email or password” and as far as i can tell it seems like it doesn’t even try to hit my custom connection.

If i disable the auth0 “Username-Password-Authentication” connection on my application it seems to work fine. Shouldn’t this be active? According to the diagram you have on the “Migrate Docs” it seems that it should first check in that DB and then go and check my custom DB for the user.

Well, let me know if i have misunderstood anything or if i am doing something wrong, i can provide more info as well if needed of course :slight_smile:

Br, Ola