Unable to create new user on new connection until I manually save password settings

I am unable to register/create a new user on a newly created connection & client until & unless I manually save password settings under # Policies → Authentication Method - Password.

I am creating the connection, client & granting access via auth0 terraform code

Steps :

  1. Created a new DB Connection, lets say Supplier
  2. Created a Client (WebApplication) Supply Platform
  3. Granted access to the Client in the Connection.
  4. Go to User Management & try to create a user by providing email & password. Nothing happens & It gives this below error

Error! You have turned the switch to use your own database instead of Auth0 and you have not implemented the "Login" script. Either implement it or make sure you turn off the "Use my own database".

Now, go to Database Connections → Supplier → Password → Policies → Click on Save Changes.

Successfully saved your changes. Changes may take up to 30 seconds before they take effect.

Now Repeat above steps 4. Now it registers/create a new user.

Hi @me.is.me,

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Do you have the following setting turned off when you look at your newly created Connection in the dashboard? I think it would be the enabledDatabaseCustomization param if you are using terraform.

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