.ulp-alternate-action doesn't work in New UL template anymore

Problem statement

A tenant has been configured to use New Universal Login. There is a requirement to permit Sign Up for only certain applications. This may arise in certain use cases, such as when a service provider permits sign-ups via a regular web app but not from a mobile app.

Until recently, it was possible to hide the text prompt "Don’t have an account? Sign up " using a CSS modification.

{% if isInvite == true or loginSignupDisabled == true %}
.ulp-alternate-action {
display: none;

However, following a change in April / May 2023, this CSS ‘hack’ no longer works. Following an Auth0 code change around that time, the ulp-alternate-action class is now added to both the Sign-Up and Forgot Password. Is it possible to hide this text prompt?


Links are visible/invisible when they should not be.

Steps to reproduce

Use the class ‘.ulp-alternate-action’ in the New UL template.
However, this is not reproducible as the code change has already enacted the newly modified behavior.


A recent change was made to the HTML structure of the NUL, and the “.ulp-alternate-action” class is now also applied to the Forgot Password link as opposed to just the Sign Up link. Many customers have used this hack to allow for signups only for certain applications and other use cases though this was never an Auth0 vetted solution.


There is currently a work item in the Engineering backlog.

In the mean time, here is a temporary workaround to the problem:

        .ulp-alternate-action {
            display: none;
        form[data-form-primary] .ulp-alternate-action {
            display: block;

The mode of behavior that customers are seeking is not currently supported out of the box by Auth0.

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