Trying to Create or Update Actions to Runtime: Node 18 (Recommended)

Problem statement

We have questions about updating actions or creating new actions to use Node 18 runtime, the recommended version, using the Management API, the Deploy CLI, or Terraform.

The documentation suggests to use ‘node18’ for the runtime. However, when doing so, the Actions end up with Runtime: Node 18 BETA (Not Recommended) instead of Runtime: Node 18 (Recommended).

Steps to reproduce

Use the Management API to either create or update an existing Action and in the body parameters, use:

"runtime": "node18",

Refer to Update an Action.


When creating or updating an Action using the Management API, Deploy CLI Tool, or Terraform, use the "node18-actions " as the runtime, instead of “node18”. When using the "node18-actions ", the Action will be set with Runtime: Node 18 (Recommended) .