Migrate Actions from Node.js 16 to Node.js 18

Problem statement

Node.js 18 is now generally available (GA) across the entire suite of extensibility offerings.


We strongly encourage everyone to update to Node 18 by Sept 11, 2023, to adhere to best code security practices.


To switch to Node 18 GA, simply update existing Actions by creating and deploying a new version.

Create new Actions with Node 18
Customers can start using Node 18 by creating new Actions with Node 18:

  1. Navigate to Actions > Library, and select Build Custom.
  2. For Runtime, select Node 18.
  3. Write your custom Actions in Node 18, test, and deploy when ready.

Choose Node 18 for other extensibility products

Update other extensibility products in Auth0 Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Advanced.
  2. Scroll down to Extensibility.
  3. For Runtime, select Node 18.

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