Actions Rolling Out With Node 16

Exciting news, to keep current with Node JS globally, we are shipping Node JS 16 support for Actions over the course of August 2021!

As of the August 4th launch, all new Actions will default to Node 16. While we will allow, for an interim period, where you can continue to downgrade to Node 12 although we highly discourage this as Node 12 will be out of compliance by April 2022. Actions is designed to allow multiple Node version support side by side. What’s even more cool is your Node 12 Actions will run along side your Node 16 seamlessly.

Upgrading to Node 16 in Actions

To upgrade to Node 16, you simply need to deploy a new version of your Action and select the Node 16 runtime. For peace of mind there is a version roll-back feature that will allow you to revert code to a previous Node 12 version of an Action and the runtime will also roll back to Node 12 for that Action.

Be sure to let us know below if you have any questions or concerns and we’re happy to work together, thanks!