Updating Actions using API to use Node 18 shows "Node 18 BETA (Not Recommended)"


When updating my actions to Node 18 using Terraform (and so the Management API) displays “Node 18 BETA (Not Recommended)” as runtime instead of “Runtime: Node 18 (Recommended)” when creating an action from scratch.

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When updating existing actions with Terraform:

When creating a new one through the dashboard:

I guess this is just a wording issue, but I want to make sure that I can safely use Node 18 in my actions now :stuck_out_tongue:


After investigations, it looks like the right value to put is “node18-actions” and not “node18”

But the Management API doesn’t allow “node18-actions”

expected runtime to be one of [node12 node16 node18], got node18-actions

This is addressed in Allowing GA version of node 18 actions runtime by willvedd · Pull Request #709 · auth0/terraform-provider-auth0 · GitHub, the Terraform provider doesn’t allow that value but that should be released soon!

I guess we can close that topic!

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@Will956 As you’ve discovered, the Node 18 runtime was not previously supported by the Terraform Provider. Fortunately, we released support for it with v1.0.0-beta.0 as simply node18. We encourage you to adopt the new version! Also see: v1.0.0-beta.0 · auth0/terraform-provider-auth0 · Discussion #749 · GitHub

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