Try button for "Blocked Account" and "Password Breach Alert" email templates not sending anything

Problem Statement

When attempting to use the Try button on the email templates pages for “Blocked Account” and “Password Breach Alert”, no email is being sent even though the Dashboard UI shows that an email was successfully delivered and the account does exist in the database connection that was selected.


  • Using a custom database with automatic migration enabled and no get_user script configured.

Steps to Reproduce

Steps to reproduce:

  • Go to Branding > Email Templates > Drop down: “Blocked Account Email” or “Password Breach Alert”.
  • Click on “Try” button at the bottom of the page
  • Select a connection from drop down
  • Enter the email address of an existing Auth0 account
    Result: No email is received!


User does exist in the database they are testing with.


There is a known issue with the “Try” button for email templates that occurs when attempting to test with a user that belongs to a custom database and the Get User script does not return a user. In this scenario, the Dashboard UI will appear to indicate that the email was delivered, but the email will not actually be sent even if the user has already been migrated to Auth0.


The recommended workaround for testing is to create a test database that is not a custom database and create a test user to try with.