Toggle for WCAG Compliant UI for Universal Login Not Visible in Dashboard


This article is for the Admins who want to enable the WCAG Compliant UI feature within the tenant, but when navigating to the Universal Login > Advanced Options settings in the tenant Dashboard the option to toggle this feature is not visible.

Applies To

  • Branding
  • Universal Login
  • WCAG Compliant UI feature


The WCAG Compliant UI for the Universal Login feature is currently in early access and is only compatible with the Universal Login (Classic Login Experience is not supported). This means that if using the Classic Login Experience or having a Custom HTML Override applied to the login pages, the toggle for this feature will not appear in the Dashboard UI.

This limitation is documented in this link.


Ensure that the Universal Login Experience is used. If having a custom HTML override enabled for the login pages (which reverts the experience to Classic), this must be disabled.

Once all pages use the Universal Login, the option will be visible in the Branding > Universal Login > Advanced Options section of the Auth0 Tenant Dashboard.