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Timing issue with Europe Tenant

We have 4 tenants, local, dev, demo and production. Our code works fine with a leeway setting of 5 seconds in local, dev and demo. Production requires a leeway of 200 or we get an error of “Cannot handle token prior to …”.

I believe this to be an issue with the tenant and out of my control. The Production tenant is an “Old” version tenant while the local, dev and demo tenant have been created since the recent upgrade.

Please investigate as soon as possible,

Hey there @scott4, I would be happy to help and dig into this challenge with you. When you get a minute can you DM me your tenant name that you are experiencing this challenge with? Thanks in advance!

I sent you a DM @scott4, when you get a chance can you give it a look. Thanks!

I wanted to reach out @scott4 and let you know I am still looking into this subject. As soon as I have something I will let you know. Thanks!