Request to Webtask exceeded allowed execution

Hello everyone, I’m having an issue after an successful authentication in the auth0 universal login, after the login is done, via database or social login (google-oauth2 in this case) the call from auth0 to my api is taking a lot of time and after is done the api is getting the following as query parameter

error=access_denied&error_description=Request to Webtask exceeded allowed execution time&state=gEUdR7OZC1

I did test the database connection and my google social connection and all I’m getting is the following error

I also checked the forums trying to look something similar but I don’t have a custom database and my only rule only uses information from the context so I don’t think is the problem.

I have one tenant that has exactly the same configuration and everything is going well, I don’t understand what’s is happening. please could you help me with this?

Hey @cloudadmin, Welcome to the Auth0 Community!
Do you have a call to your external API inside the rules?
Do make sure to white list the Auth0 IP address else it might be preventing the access through firewall.
Have a look at this link:

Do let me know how you go!

Thank you for quick reply. answering your question… not a this moment, the rule only add a claim to the id token based on the name of the application. Also I my local environment has the same issue that the deployed app for the same tenant, is there something missing? please, I appreciate your help in this topic.

@cloudadmin, thanks for letting me know, can you DM me your HAR file for the login transaction?
Method to get HAR File :