Timeout using Auth0 Authorization Extension V2 with S3 storage

Hi, I’m trying to set up Authorization Extension to manage roles and permissions for my users. However, when trying to log in, I get an extension timeout error. After some digging, I found out that the timeout is occurring during the getPolicy call in auth0-authorization-extension rule. Changing the default generated timeout from 5s to 10s, I am able to log in. Can anybody shed some light as to why getting the policy takes so long?

In the rule, getPolicy function is making a call to a webtask.io endpoint. If I’m using S3 as storage, do I need to change this endpoint to an S3 endpoint instead?

The getPolicy function makes a call to the extension API which is available as a Webtask because the full extension is also installed as a Webtask. You don’t need to change that endpoint if you use a S3 based storage for the extension as the extension API will abstract the underlying storage.

With this in mind, the timeout may be just related to the amount of data that you configured through the extension.