Authorization Extension Errors

Hey there, good people of the Auth0 community.

I’m working through a tutorial, working to get a grip on Auth0. As per the tutorial, I’m enabling the Authorization Extension using S3 as my storage type, which seems to be working swimmingly until I go to configure the extension. At this point, I’m getting a warning that indicates I need to configure the extension in order to continue. When I attempt to make changes (eg. rotate the api key, add permissions, roles, or groups) the requests made by the application return with 400’s and the application posts an error message in red. For example:

Rotating an API key renders:
Oh snap! An error occurred while updating apiKey: Access Denied
HTTP response:

  "error":"Bad Request",
  "message":"Access Denied"

This same or similar behavior happens whenever I try to configure anything, with the exception of the toggle switches in the configuration dialogue, which don’t appear to do anything and don’t persist between page changes.

The Auth0 app that the extension created on my account is there and is pristine. My initial thought was that there was some misconfiguration with S3 or the IAM user despite doing the copy/paste thing from the tutorial (with the necessary alterations, of course), but so far I haven’t been able to track anything down. I’m dangerous but not fluent with AWS or Auth0 at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,