There was a problem with your login: Unable to configure verification page. [error code: server_error] - WordPress

There was a problem with your login: Unable to configure verification page. [error code: server_error]

This video just highlights the issue I’m often experiencing with Auth0, with a non-custom domain (basically the free account) in April 2020 on WordPress. And appears to be an on-going issue since 2018? The browser is safari on iphone. It does happen on other browsers but the behaviour is erratic and inconstant and thus make’s it next to impossible to troubleshoot. I’m unable to re-product the issue constantly on other browsers, but it does happen from time to time.

There is no current solution for non-custom domains on WordPress that I can find?

I would like to move over to ‘Universal Login Page’ for WordPress but that doesn’t work correctly either (when asking for the registration page, it only ever shows the login page) is there a fix/solution for this one yet, another block in the road I guess? Sorry to sound so negative…

I’ve tried all the other suggestions linked below, with no luck, and as you can read from these discussions on the Auth0, they did not arrived to an actual solution either. They just made suggestions with no results posted back to if it worked or not. Or no reply at all.

Thanks for the great work so far, but this seems to be an issue on-going for a while now, what’s the work around for non-custom domains? Even if it is the Universal Login, please resolve it so that it can show the registration page, instead of always defaulting to the login interface.

Let’s see if we can help some people, I’ll be sure to post back my results if I can get it working with settings and examples (& obviously with sensitive information removed)
If the post get locked before I have the chance, I’ll post the findings in the YouTube video description/comments section. Many thanks all.


We are having the same issue on our site. This issue is present on Chrome in incognito mode, as well as accessing the site on iPad or iPhones.
Is there an update on this?