Unable to configure verification page since July 30, 2019

I’m using passwordless authentication and call the /co/authenticate endpoint first and then the /authorize endpoint with the login_ticket. This has worked fine for over a year, but suddenly since July 30, 2019 in the morning I get a lot of errors. Not consistently, but about 50% failure rate. In the logs I then see the ‘Unable to configure verification page’ error like this. I have configured the ‘Allowed Callback URLs’ as well as the ‘Allowed Web Origins’ as well as the ‘Allowed Origins (CORS)’.

Has anything changed at Auth0 for this to suddenly occur? Is there a way to figure out what the exact issue is? There must be more logging info with what exactly went wrong I assume? Any other suggestions I might try?

Many thanks in advance.

Anybody? I’m pretty sure it is an error on the Auth0 side as this has been working fine for over a year and I can see that an error occurred trying to ‘configure the verification page’. Also, it corrects itself after that error so the second attempt works. Seems like an initialization issue with the page that is afterwards ignored.

Is there anybody from Auth0 listening that can take a look? It is concerning log entry with id: 90020190731213955340839773079030322945311086185623322658