The login popup displays a blank page instead of returning a token

Using the library, I display the “Username-Password-Authentication” login popup. If I leave the popup without any user interaction for 5 minutes, and then enter my login and password, I get a blank page without the token, is is the the value of url :https://myurl/authorize/resume?state=YUYrAItkpfyn8IpTYVXUchf0w_HWmMWr. Is it possible to configure this inactivity timeout for interactions with the Auth0 popup?

my code to open the popup

  const resLogin = await auth0ClientValue.loginWithPopup({
    authorizationParams: {
      redirect_uri: domain,
      response_type: "id_token",
      prompt: "login",
      connection: "Username-Password-Authentication",

Any help please?

Hi @niaina,

To confirm, the login works correctly if you log in immediately, but displays a blank page if you try to log in after letting the page sit idle for >5 minutes.

Are you seeing any errors in the auth0 dashboard logs related to the blank page?

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