Blank screen after MFA

Hi Team,

We are facing a blank screen issue with SPA Auth0 loginwithPopup method in our application while performing re-verification. Considering we have modal popup where Auth0 loginwithPopup is called we don’t want to use loginWithRedirect.

If MFA is enabled, and the user tries to re-login, the user gets stuck on a blank screen with URL that looks like this https://{Auth0 domain}/authorize/resume?state={state value}

This doesn’t happen all the time though. Sometimes the login popup automatically closes and goes back to the application and functionality works fine, but there are times it doesn’t. Instead just shows a blank white popup stuck on that URL, after users enter the two factor OTP received via email.

Please help in assisting in resolving this issue as we can’t use loginWithRedirect due to the limitation of functionality.

Refer code which we are using to call:

const options = {
      authorizationParams: {
        prompt: "login"