MFA Duo 2-step Verification blank screen - Duo-Web-v2.min.js returns 404 status

I enabled Duo on my Auth0 account about 5 days ago and had a few users already enroll and login successfully via Duo. However, yesterday it started returning a blank screen, and the Duo-Web-v2.min.js?v=2.6 file is returning a 404.

We began seeing the same thing on our tenant last Friday just before midday pacific time, and it looks like we’re continuing to see it now.

I’d assumed it was a caching issue, or something transient, but by this time, that doesn’t appear to be the case. I wasn’t able to find any documentation to suggest that the functionality has changed, or the integration requires some sort of update (this one has been in use for more than two years) so am hoping it’s something the Auth0 team can shed some light on.

In the meantime, we’ve had to disable MFA; which certainly isn’t ideal.

I’m sorry I can’t offer a solution, but at least I can tell you there’s at least one other tenant seeing the same condition.

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It looks like this has now been addressed for our tenant, and I’m noting an incident has been linked to it. Auth0 Status - DUO MFA prompt failing to load

Hopefully this has also solved the originally reported behavior too!


Glad it’s working now and thanks for reporting it!