The discrepancy between the "External Active User" counts and the number on the Quota Reports

Problem Statement

The user counts on our Quota Reports page indicate we have over 5000 active users. Therefore we are over quota. However, from the Activity page, our active user peaks at about half the amount.

I have also done a manual query by looking up the users whose “last login time” ranges within the last 30 days, and my number falls into 2000~3000, which is more consistent with the number on the Activity page instead of the Quota page.

Please help us understand what might cause this discrepancy.


The Active Users chart on the Activity page reflects the stats for daily active users. But the quota page indicates monthly active users.


To count the MAUs, you should query tenant logs for successful login events. MAU is only counted for successful authentication attempts. It’s also worth noting that the following log event types would be considered a successful login authentication.

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