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Test Tab | API Explorer 403 in Auth0 Management API



Yesterday, I suddenly started seeing an issue in my dashboard with the APIs section, where when I try to go to either the Test Tab or the API Explorer Tab, it throws a 403 error in the console and redirects me the API listing. I am definitely logged in, and I was trying to create a Non-Interactive Client, but I can’t do so, as it just bounces me back. Any ideas how to fix this? I tried seeing if I could delete and recreate, but no dice.


As a note, the error description comes back with “Grant type ‘client_credentials’ not allowed for the client.” Keep in mind, this is on the dashboard, following the steps to create a Non-Interactive Client.


Did you find a solution? I’m having the same issue.


Found the answer here:

In my case, I needed to create a non-interactive client for testing and use it with the API.


Unfortunately no. Still stuck…


I’m having the same issue ! I can’t even get API access token from API explorer…any one found a solution ?


Well, I found a solution… to see the exact problem you are facing, please share a screenshot of Non-Interactive Client>Show Advanced Settings>Grant Types