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Test Connection tries to log into wrong database



I have created a client and database and associated the two. When I create a user in this database, I am unable to log in.

When I check my logs, I don’t see any attempt to log into this connection, rather I see a failed login for the connection Username-Password-Authentication. The connection I am testing is named bens-connection, this is just a standard auth0 database.


I could not reproduce the situation you described with the following steps:

  1. Create a connection named CX.
  2. Create a client application and enable connection CX.
  3. Create a user associated with connection CS and with credentials / user.
  4. Navigate to connection CX details page and select Try connection.
  5. Authenticate with the user previously created.

The above result in a successful authentication. If you look at the browser developer tools when you submit the user credentials or event at the URL opened when triggering the try connection the connection name should be there so it may allow you to see if there’s anything wrong with it. In addition, if you can reproduce it with other steps other than the above ones then please update your question with the exact sequence.


@jmangelo, thanks for taking the time to respond. Unfortunately this is a case of me not paying attention to the slight modification to the hosted login page that was being used. It had been customized to use a specific client.