Tenants having different settings


I’m using a multi-tenant config to manage my different environments. I have three tenants, one of CI, one for staging and one for production. I have found that those tenants don’t have the same settings, as if they had different versions. More specifically, my CI tenant has a Migration > Management API Unpaginated Requests settings, which is nowhere to be found in my staging and production tenants.

How is this possible? Can I somewhat “update” my CI tenant so that this setting is removed?

This is a pain because I’m using auth0-deploy-cli to deploy the config from the CI tenant to the other tenants. When I import the config from the tenant CI, I have this “unpaginated_request” setting present ; since this settings doesn’t exist on the other tenants, trying to export the config on them fails…

It’s also strange because my CI tenant and my production tenant where created at the same time (in january this year), while my staging tenant was created one month later. At the very least, I would expect CI and prod to have different settings than staging…

EDIT: I know I can use the EXCLUDED_PROPS settings to not fetch this particular setting when importing my CI config. But I’d like to understand how those settings differences can be possible.

Hi @mob,

It’s possible that tenant created at different times have different flags, but it sounds like the two tenants created at the same time should have the same settings.

It looks like this is related to this:

I am going to mark this resolved, please open a new topic if you have further questions.

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