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Tenant migrations settings not available in new tenant


We’re trying to migrate our app away from deprecated API features (mostly the “Legacy User Profile” change) and would like to test this in our staging environment. But, because the staging tenant was created after the tenant we now use in production (it was at first mostly a PoC and test phase) the Migrations Settings (in Settings -> Advanced -> Migrations) are not available in out staging tenant. Is there a way to enable this? Perhaps someone from auth0 is listening here and kind enough to flick that switch? :slight_smile:


Hey there @tobyfoo!

I’ll talk to appropriate team on how we can achieve it and will get back to you soon!

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Hey there @tobyfoo once again!

I was asked by the team to ask you if you can provide us with the steps you take so as to reproduce the process on our side to make sure we understand each other correctly.

Thank you!

Hey @konrad.sopala,

thanks for your quick response to this. Here is the current difference between our staging and production tenants.

When navigating to<OUR_TENTANT_NAME>/tenant/advanced
where <OUR_TENTANT_NAME> is the name of our tenant, staging and production, we are able to enable “Migrations” settings at the bottom of the page. Please see the attached screenshots.

The legacy API we are trying to migrate away from is mainly the “Legacy User Profile”, the slider at the bottom of the production screenshot. We have mobile app installations out in the field and we would like to have our staging environment identical to our production environment so we can plan and test our next steps.

Please let me know if you need more info.

Thanks a lot! Let me investigate it and get back to you once I have news to share!

Sadly we are hitting issues in our prod environment we were unable to test in staging due to the different tenant versions. Any news on this?

Hi! Any update on this? Is there any way you could help us?