Migrate dev to staging

Im not sure which sub category this should have gone under as I couldnt find the options that I think fits my issue.

I have a development tenant, which I now want to go through into staging and then from this to production.

Is there a method or process in which I can follow that will migrate all of my settings, actions, flows etc from my development tenant into the next environment??

Hi @simonprice33,

You should be able to change your tenant’s environment by going to the Auth0 Support Dashboard and navigate to the Tenants section. On that page, you can click on the gear icon and click on the Assign Environment Tag for the tenant you would like to assign to a different environment tag.

You will have the option to set it as either a Development, Staging, or Production environment.

Alternatively, you could navigate to your Auth0 Dashboard > Settings > General, and scroll to the Environment Tag section to assign your environment tag for your tenant.

Reference: Set Up Multiple Environments


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