What actually happens when you change an environment tag?

Our production environment currently uses an auth0 tenant that is tagged “Development”.

We are now on a startup plan, so I would like to change this to “Production”, and create a separate Development environment.

This question asks the same - Is there any risks if I changed to Production Environment tag from Development Environment Tag? - but the linked documentation does not answer the question (Set Up Multiple Environments)

The only answer I can find is that the rate limits for Management API are higher on production environments. Is that the only thing which changes? I’m basically asking if anything else changes when a tag is changes, and if it is safe to do so.

Hi @s.murray1 ,

Thank you for posting this topic!

We are looking into this and will update here with a response soon!


Hi @s.murray1 ,

I did some research about this topic. The only impact of changing the environment tag from "Development to “Production” is the rate limit. So it’s safe to make this change.

Do you have any specific concerns?

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Thanks @lihua.zhang - I just wanted to make sure that there were no other config changes that would happen in the background, as this is currently used for our production websites.

It would perhaps be useful to indicate that the tags were safe to change in your documentation, as it’s not currently 100% clear.

We have reached out internally to add more descriptive details to this article. Thank you for the feedback! :+1:


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