Assign Environment tags for tenants in Private cloud instance

Problem Statement

We recently migrated to the new Auth0 converged infrastructure for our instance. Now we can assign Environment tags for our tenants in this instance. I have a couple of questions regarding these environment tags before proceeding with actions on our side:

  1. Do we need to assign the tenant Environment tags specifically via the Auth0 dashboard? This community post mentions that changing environment tags have an impact on rate limits. Can we expect a similar situation for the private cloud?

  2. Is there an option to update the environment tag with the management API?


Starting with the private cloud version v202245, the environment tags of the tenants will affect the management API rate limits as documented here. We suggest setting the tags accordingly for each of your tenants.

Unfortunately, as of today, we don’t have management API to update the environment tag, so it needs to be updated manually from the Auth0 dashboard.