Tenant member role 'Editor - Specific Apps' only showing first 100 applications

Problem statement

Unable to see some of my applications in the ‘Editor - Specific Apps’ list when I’m trying to add a new tenant member with that role.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create over 150 applications in your tenant
  2. Navigate to the ‘Invite Tenant Member’ page in the Tenant Settings section
  3. Click ‘Invite’ → Set the Role to be ‘Editor - Specific Apps’ and try to select one of the newest applications via that dropdown
  4. The application name shouldn’t be searchable


This is because the client dropdown is paginated, and retrieves only the first 100 applications. If the application was created after 100 previous applications, it won’t be able to be selected from the dropdown.


You can input the client_id of the application in that dropdown field and that’ll work correctly when you save it.