Editor Role for APIs and Application Permissions

Feature:: Currently the Editor Role is missing permissions that makes it less usable for delegating application and API administration to the engineering teams that own the specific apps/APIs (so we need that all requests flow through a central admin team introducing friction)

Description: It would be useful so as engineering teams members (given an Editor and not a full tenant Admin role) be able to edit settings of their assigned APIs (e.g. add/modify API scores, API settings etc.) (similar to how Apps work). It would be also nice if Editor role can even create new APIs/Applications (being auto-assigned Editor for the newly created App/API) without the need for a tenant admin to complete this task.
Additionally. the Editor role for an Application although currently can access the Settings tab (including accessing/rotating) the client secret, it can’t access the Quick Start tab with the e.g. token fetch curl example which is restricted only to the tenant admin. This restriction doesn’t make sense as mentioned the Editor has access to the client secret already via the Settings tab.

Use-case: Delegate Auth0 Application/API administration/access management to the different engineering teams so they can independently (create)/edit their own Apps/APIs they are responsible for, avoiding the friction of routing requests for even minor changes to a central tenant admin team and avoiding giving tenant admin privileges to these teams as they could e.g. accidentally modify other teams’ apps/APIs.

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