What role is required to enable the API tab?


When editing this application I only have access to the ‘Settings’ tab. What change needs to be made so I can also control the API tab?

Hey there @karlton.zeitz welcome to the community!

Are you an admin on the tenant? If you’d like to DM me the email and tenant you are working with I can take a close look :mag:

Let me know!

I’m working in the ‘rseg-dev’ tenant in this case.

Thanks for looking.

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Hey @karlton.zeitz thanks for clarifying!

It looks like your account is only configured to be an Editor on specific apps - Are you able to reach out to an admin for rseg-dev?

Yes… What permission do I need to ask for?

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You’ll need to be added as an Editor to that M2M app or an Admin.

That’s the issue… I am an ‘editor’ but I can’t get to the ‘api’ tab where I can enable and disable the app. They are reluctant to make me admin as then I can get to everything.

Hmm that’s odd - Just to confirm, you have been added as an Editor for that specific M2M app? There are different variations of Editor outlined here:

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