Tenant member password login and SSO

I’d like my tenant member to only use SSO for login and disallow password based login.

Looking at the docs here, it mentions Adding this SSO connection does not restrict Tenant Members from logging in using the existing authentication methods (such as email/password, LinkedIn, Microsoft, GitHub, or Google). So it seems, one cannot disable password based login.

Also during initial invitation, if the user selects a social provider to login, can they still use email/password to login? What’d be the password in this case, since they never created one in the first place?

I didn’t find this info in the docs or community help, so I’d really appreciate if someone can help with answers. Thanks!

Hi @raj1,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Enterprise Dashboard SSO uses the domain you provide us with (or multiple domains) to navigate the user to your IdP after they input an email with a matching domain (i.e. @example.com). Password login might not be disabled, per se, but the user will be automatically redirected to your IdP.

You can always reach out to our support team and set it up to run some tests.