Tenant Email Change Help

Hello, I have a question regarding my development tenant. I currently have the free trial version of Auth0 but am moving on to working on a tenant that will be the full version. I have worked a lot on the current version including courses and sample applications created on them.

I do not want to delete this tenant connected to an email I need for another tenant, so I was wondering I would be able to receive some assistance in removing the current email on auth0 account and having the tenant owned by another email I have so that I can still have access to this tenant with my personal email, but use my work email for the future tenant.

I tried adding my personal email to the current tenant, but I see that this option is not avaibale for the free trial version.

I would appreciate any help with this!

Thank you in advance,

Unfortunately, it is not possible for end users (including yourself) to directly update their own email address in the Dashboard or through the API. If you need to update the email address associated with your account, please contact your administrator. Once the user accepts the invitation, you can remove the user associated with the old email address.