I want to delete the account of auth0

i want to delete the account so that i will make new one with same email.

Hey there!

Please send our @support group a private message here in the forum with the following details:

  • your email name.

Before we proceed with deletion you need to delete all the tenants you created under this email. Thank you!

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I have personally messaged, but no one has replied. Please respond.
I have one query: I am the only tenant in this account. Do I have to disable the tenant?
In advanced i have one delete button if i click on the delete

Delete this tenant and cancel any associated subscriptions.

This action is permanent and you will not be able to reuse this tenant name in the future.

then will I be able to create an account with the same email ID after that?

Hey there!

You haven’t send us a private message as I checked your messages. You need to send a private message here in the forum tagging our @support group thank you!

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