Support 2FA data in Import/Export extension

Feature: Support 2FA data in Import/Export extension

Description: Import/Export extension does not return user’s 2FA information when we want to download the entire user data


We are working on a feature (duplicate account detection) that requires the user’s 2FA details. We are hoping to find more users linked to each other based on 2FA that they enrolled with. We are not capturing this information right now and have plans to capture this on our end in the future. Meanwhile, for investigation purposes, we are looking to get this data to run our analytics.

What is the best way for us to get the user’s 2FA information of all of our users? Is this something gets downloaded when we use import/export extension to download the user data?

Just to be on the same page - these are the details we receive when they enrolled in 2FA and we would like to get.

“authenticator”: {
“id”: “sms|dev_FUTtS8tZjL96L007”,
“type”: “sms”

Appreciate your help with this!!

Hi @suresh.pragada

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Can the Account linking extension be helpful in solving your problem? Account linking extension

2FA details are not exportable because it is sensitive information. Are you planning to link it via phone numbers?

Thank you

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