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Import/Export Extension Userid Mismatch



In trying to load users from one tenant to another, after import from Tenant A to Tenant B, the data looks good except for Username-Password-Authentication users. The value for “userid” is different between the tenants. What causes a new “userid” to be created? Why would these not match after importing the specific value? Any help would be appreciated as this effects user’s logging into my application and creating a new/unnecessary account.

Cheers, Tyler


I imagine I will eventually get the response of “Auth0 generated GUIDs must be unique and therefore are regenerated when imported into the new Tenant”. And after looking into the Management API, there is no way to update this value… This isn’t good for me, who assumed the user_id would be the unique value to obtain and identify the user for my application. Please tell me I am wrong and there is at least a way to update the “user_id” field to match…