How to stop import/export tool to modify user_id?

I am using the ‘User Import/Export’ extension to move users from one tenant to another.
And as everyone else I am having issues. After going through all workarounds to make it work, I now have user_id issue.

My user has user_id: auth0|5f33c586df2d9b0038e6030f in exported file (and that is great).
When I use the same tool to import this user, id is changed by appending auth0|, soI endup with auth0|auth0|5f33c586df2d9b0038e6030f. I need user_id to stay the same. How can I do that?

Hello, @petrovic.zoran,

You would have to edit your file containing the IDs - we prepend the auth0| part because that indicates the provider. Whatever’s after the first pipe is the actual ID. So, in your example, auth0| would be the provider, and auth0|5f33c... would be the User ID. Your file should contain only the ID part, and not the provider.

Let me know if this provides some more clarity.

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