Importing User IDs from Another IDP to Auth0


We’re looking into transitioning from another third-party IDP to Auth0. A primary concern we have is regarding user IDs. Our applications and services reference specific user data (e.g., histories, purchases) by the user ID provided by our current IDP. If we migrate this data to Auth0, is it possible to ensure that the user IDs remain consistent?

The continuity of these user IDs is crucial for the integrity of our database. Can these user IDs be imported to Auth0 without change?

Thank you.

Hello @tarcisiocaetano2009,

Welcome to the Community! I can think of a couple options:

  1. The Auth0 user_id field is composed of two parts, a source system and a local part. When creating an account you can specify the local part. If your source system user ID is “JANE123”, you can create the user as, for example, auth0|JANE123.
  2. Alternatively, you can add your own user identifier field to the user profile. E.g., create your own user ID field in app_metadata as follows:
  "app_metadata": {
    "useridentifier": "JANE123"