How to get auth0 ids for each user after a bulk import?

Good evening,

My company currently use a custom login system where users are stored in our database, we’re looking to move to Auth0.

We would therefore import all our users into Auth0 using the bulk import API.

However, a lot of code in our apps is tied to the “users” database table: this table can’t just disappear and be replaced by Auth0. We therefore need to add an auth0Id to each user in our database, to make the link between Auth0 users and our database user records.

Is there a way to get Auth0 user ids for all users that were imported in a bulk import?

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Hi @notten.dev13 , welcome to the Auth0 Community!

You could take a look at simply doing a bulk export of the users. Using the Import/Export extension you can decide what attributes you need to retrieve from the user profile, including the Auth0 UserID.
Hope that helps, many thanks.