User Export/Import into email connection

I’m trying to use the user import export extension to basically export user from one tenant and import them to another one.

My users are in the email connection and I can export them correctly. The problem is that during the import, the plugin allows to select only the Password database as destination.

Is that a known limitation of the Import/Export extension?


I have just tried using the management API
and I get the error

{"statusCode":400,"error":"Bad Request","message":"Connection must be a database connection","errorCode":"operation_not_supported"}%

That’s a bummer :confused:

Why are there so many limitations with the email connections?

Hi @JanC

Yes, that is a known limitation. You can use the management API to create those users (they will have a different Auth0 user ID from the exported one).

Be warned: if the users you are exporting are linked, that information gets lost on import.


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Hi @john.gateley
Yeah that’s what I started to implement.

What do you mean by “linked users”?

My users are rather basic: email, name and one user_metadata. The internal auth0 id does not matter to me so I believe the management api should work


When you use account linking to link two users, like a Social user and a username/password user.


ok, that’s not needed in my case.Thanks!

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