Success verification email request but still no incoming email

I’m trying to send verification email to only specific users-signup,
so I’m doing it by using auth0-rules,
I use this function management.sendEmailVerification() inside the rules,

I tried to signup, and on Log-dashboard, it is clearly said “Success verification email request” but there’s no email-verification in my inbox.

may i know why no incoming email ?

I have disabled the Status on email-template-dashboard,
as it is stated in
on Prerequisites #3. Toggle the switch to disable the Status .

well it does makes sense why would I disable the email-template, because if I enable it, the signup from api /dbconnections/signup is already triggering the verification-email (won’t trigger auth, so it won’t trigger rules),
hence /dbconnections/signup won’t trigger the rules which means I cannot control to whom I will send the verification email,

because again, I only want specific user to have the verification email, the rest just let the email unverified or whatever just don’t send the email.

and yeah, if i enabled the status and signup via universal-login (signup with auto-login), I will always received 2 emails,

  1. from the email-template status
  2. from the rules.

which is why i disabled the template-email because the docs says that and i don’t want auto-email request for all users.

and Secondly, I want to ask how to use verification email by using request on rules (,
i dont understand the payload:{
    url: '',
    json: {
      user: user,
      context: context,
      secretToken: configuration.MY_SECRET_TOKEN,

How do i get secretToken, where is the place on dashboard to get it ?

and then how to get “your api” & “your company”,
are they my domain ? like ?

what do you mean sir ? my post is still here right ?

EDIT: nvm, i thought it was a a true reply, not from system, until i deleted my own comment too then i realized it lol

Sorry, I deleted my reply asking whether you checked your spam folder, but then I saw that you mentioned you’re receiving the mail when you enable the email template. So that’s obviously not it.

yup, checking spam etc, no problem with the rules, it will send 2 emails as intended if I enable the status of email template, mail by rules & activation of auto-mail-template

I write rules like in this forum Resend confirmation email rule/button , using function management.sendEmailVerification() as I mentioned earlier.