Storing multiple files to build custom Login page


I am building a customised Login page with specific behaviour & UI design for each client separately (no Lock).
This means 2 things:

  • I have really soon get into a huge login page with thousands of lines specifying custom css and behaviour per client
  • I want to add more functionality related to localisation of the user. I have a JSON file with a list of languages and all the strings that can occur on that page. Adding this static content to the login page would mean just additional complexity of the page.

Of course there is a solution of hosting the JSON, JS and CSS files somewhere and during page loading the files would be downloaded and used. Unfortunately this causes problem of longer duration of loading the login page and issues that could rise from unavailability of these files.

Question is, is there a way to store these “config”/“metadata” files in Auth0 so we can reference these sources locally? Is there a way how to breakup the login page into smaller manageable files that would be hosted on Auth0?



Hi @MartinLiptak,

Welcome to the Community! I apologize for the delay.

There is no way that I know of. When you are creating a custom UI that interacts with the authentication API directly it is up to you to host and configure the styling and elements of the login.

Hope this clarifies,

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