Add JavaScript to Universal Login Page

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We have implemented a custom UI for the Classic Experience using the Universal Login HTML editor in Auth0. Is it possible to load some of our own JavaScript in that editor as part of the login UI/process? Basically, we are toying around with generating a JS bundle from our project that includes the rest of our app (it is a React app) that includes just the components needed for login, mainly the login page.

Then, we were thinking of providing a basic HTML file in the Auth0 editor and loading that JS bundle in the HTML file. We could host the JS bundle somewhere easy to retrieve.

Is this possible? The advantage to this would be we could write the custom UI for the login page in React, generate a bundle, and then just load the bundle into the HTML Auth0 editor to have a custom UI.


You can do this, just load the JS from a CDN.


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Thank you! Why is this not a recommended or documented thing if you are using Auth0’s hosted login and you want to do a decent amount of customization? We have found it difficult to work with Auth0’s code editor, use the “Liquid templating” and other recommended options. This seems to work for us and allows an easier dev flow as we can just develop our login “app” normally, export and host the JS bundle on a CDN, and then just load the bundle in Auth0’s code editor.

Just curious. Thanks!

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