Custom_login_page support php?

I’ve tried to show custom login page as the universal login page in my dev environment.
(The login page only use simple html, css and php)
auth0.js 9.14.0

I did following setting on the tenant.

  1. I updated the client using ManagementAPI.
    “custom_login_page_on”: true,
    “custom_login_page”: "<php? some php code ?> some login page "
  2. I placed the button to call authorize Method with Auth0.js in my homepage.
  3. Auth0 did show custom_login_page as an universal login, but php code didn’t work.

Is there the space or setting to handle php for “custom_login_page” on Auth0 tenant?



Hey @Toshi023,

I’m sorry but the content of custom_login_page can only be HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is actually documented on our Management API, on the right panel (Response Schema for the clients endpoints): Auth0 Management API v2

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Hi @Ale,

Thank you for your replying and I’m sorry for the topic about custom_login_page even though docs exist.
I understand custom_login_page spec.
I’ll check API Documents and use embedded login so far on our site.


No problem @Toshi023! Good luck with your implementation :slight_smile:

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