Is it possible to use a customized Universal Login form on a custom page?

Hi there!
I customized a Universal Login form (Universal Login → Customization options) and it looks nice, and I wanted to use it on a customized page (Universal Login → Advanced options), but it shows a different form, not a customized one.
I understand that the page calls an API method to show the form, but it looks like they are not connected at all. And that form looks not that good and it’s really difficult to customize (social/otp order, buttons style, etc).
Could you tell me, Is there any chance to use the customized form on the custom page somehow? Or maybe I can load that customized form to my application? Any ways to use it on a custom page?

Hi @abogachev,

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Could you please provide some examples of what you are referencing? I’m a bit confused by the description and maybe a few screenshots could help make it more clear.

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